Frequently Asked Questions

How does the car transportation process work?

After acceptance of your quote we will send your order confirmation with the details of your move. Once assigned to a load you will receive a call from the driver or dispatcher to schedule pickup, according to dates given.

How long will it take for my car to arrive at the destination?

Carriers can usually run 500 miles per day. Please keep in mind they might have multiple stops that could add 1-2 additional days. Traffic, weather, road closures, construction, truck breakdowns, remote areas, etc. could delay the transit time.

Are pickup and delivery dates guaranteed?

No. Pickup and delivery dates are estimated and not guaranteed.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transport?

We recommend that you wash your car, take photos of existing damage, remove all valuables and remove or secure loose parts.

Should vehicle maintence be done before it is transported?

Yes. Check and top off all fluids, ensure tires are properly inflated and make sure the battery has a full charge. Make note of any mechanical issues and inform carrier of any special steps that must be taken to drive the vehicle on and off the trailer.

What if my vehicle is going to a different climate?

It is your responsibility to prepare your vehicle for the new climate. This may include engine coolant, transmission oil and other fluids.

How much gas should I leave in my tank?

Leave your tank 1/4 full.

Must I remove my non permanent luggage rack?

Yes. All luggage, bike and ski racks should be removed.

Do I have to be present during pickup and delivery?

Yes. You must be present at both the pickup and delivery of your vehicle, or you may designate a person to act as your agent. Your agent must be at least 18 years of age or older. PHOTO ID REQUIRED

What is an inspection or condition report?

The Vehicle Condition Report is a part of the auto shipper’s Bill of Lading. Before the car transport driver loads your vehicle, he will fill out this form that will notate the condition of the vehicle at the time he receives it. Shipper or agent will need to verify notations and sign you are in agreement. Claims of damage at destination will be based on the condition of your vehicle, as reported before it was transported. We recommend taking pictures right before pickup. This will allow you to corroborate the condition of your vehicle.

Can I add personal items inside my car?

You may add up to 100 pounds in the trunk of your vehicle. All items such as garage door openers, toll tags, CD players, iPads, cell phones, head sets, etc. should be removed. Please do not load anything of value as the insurance coverage during the transportation period only covers the vehicle itself, not the items inside.

What if I receive my vehicle and there is damage?

The shipper or agent must write damage on the inspection / condition report. This must be noted prior to carrier leaving destination. Any vehicle damage MUST BE NOTED ON BILL OF LADING.

What happens if I cancel my order?

No charge if your load has not been dispatched.
$150 if the load has been assigned to a carrier.
$250 if your load has been assigned to a carrier and driver is en route to the pickup location.

What if driver asks for money upfront for my car transport?

Our drivers don’t collect payment upon pickup or delivery. All payments should be made to Moore Transportation Services.

Does my vehicle have to be operable to transport?

No. Additional fees or methods will apply.

What items can not be hauled?

Some items that can't be hauled are illegal substances, plants, hazardous material, firearms, etc. Please check with your relocation specialist for further details.